TDF Hair Transplant

What is TDF hair transplantation?

TDF also known as Two Days Fue method is the current technology used in hair transplantation. In this method, men with more hair loss are provided two transplantation sessions two days in a row. As with other techniques, there is no need to wait 6-8 months between the procedures. The striking difference with this method is that it can give very good results, especially in people with a very high rate of hair loss. In TDF method, those with a high rate of hair loss undergo transplantation in two consecutive sessions.

Due to its results, TDF hair transplantation is much more preferred by people with completely bald anterior, posterior and central hair regions. It is a very successful and effective method for people who cannot find time for the hair transplantation process that can take a long time or for people who need to return to their daily life as soon as possible after hair transplantation. While approximately 4200 grafts are transplanted per day in other hair transplantation methods, in the TDF method approximately 3000 grafts are transplanted per day and an average of 6000 to 6500 grafts can be achieved at the end of two days.

How is TDF hair transplantation performed?

This operation is performed under local anesthesia or sedation just as in FUE hair transplantation. Before initiating the process, the donor and the recipient area are determined. Then these areas are numbed with local anesthesia. The donor area is divided into two as right and left. On the first day, channels are opened in half of the area to be transplanted and grafts collected from half of the donor area are transferred here. At the end of the process, the channels of the area to be transplanted the next day are opened and the process is terminated. In this way, about half of the process is completed on the first day. On the second day, hair follicles are extracted from the ​​the donor area that was not intervened the day before. These grafts are inserted in channels that were opened and prepared the day before.

After the TDF method, with an average of 6500 grafts, it is much more possible to attain hair in those large spots considering that there are 2 to 3 healthy hair follicles in a graft. Considering that there are 2-3 healthy hair follicles in the graft, it is possible to obtain an average of 6500 grafts after the TDF method. In addition, patients will be pleased to conclude this process in a short time.

Who should prefer the TDF method?

TDF method yields great results from individuals who have hair loss in a wide area to individuals with hair loss.

How Is the Recovery Process?

The recovery process in TDF is the same as other hair transplantation techniques. The recovery period is aimed to be decreased by the application of ACell and PRP treatments during the transplant procedure. As all channels in the transplantation area are opened with the lateral slit technique, complaints such as swelling, edema, and pain that may occur after the procedure are minimized.

When Is It Possible to See Results?

In the TDF method, seeing the results may vary depending on the area where the hair is transplanted. If transplantation was performed on the anterior part, it is expected that 70% of the hair will grow in a 7-month whereas it takes 9 months to observe the results if the hair transplanted area is on the top region of the head, as the capillaries provide better nourishment than the anterior part of the head.


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