Porcelain Dental Coating

Dental coating aims to cover the teeth with restorative materials. It is applied mainly due to decay, fractures and color problems in the teeth. Dental coating helps teeth look aesthetic and become strong. The tooth structure may need to be covered with materials as hard as the tooth structure. Dental coating could be considered as a good treatment option in cases where the loss of teeth cannot be repaired with a filling, in aesthetically changing the appearance of teeth, replacement of lost teeth or for space maintainer support.

In recent years, the choice of those who want to have the restoration of decayed teeth or to have an aesthetic appearance is zirconium and full ceramic material dental crowns due to their longevity. Zirconium coatings, which can be used on anterior and posterior teeth, are more difficult to fracture or crack. Zirconium, which provides a natural appearance, adapts with the main teeth due to its translucent characteristic.

The application time of a tooth coating can last from one session a day to 7 days. It can only take an hour for a tooth to be coated. If a person wishes to have all of their teeth covered in their mouth, this may take longer. While everyone can have a tooth coating with the approval of the dentist, it is mostly not recommended for people under the age of 18 because their development is incomplete.


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