New Generation Medical Wellness

Even though the word Longevity refers a long-lasting life, it is actually a structure designed as a new generation medical wellness clinic based on team power and emerged with the dream of providing a healthy and long life. At Longevity Clinic, the foundations of personal health are laid with the strong support of genetic science.

In this structure, we will find ways to live healthy without getting sick by using medicine, biotechnology and up-to-date science. We cooperated with who do studies on bioinformatics, that is, the field of personalized medicine, using their know-how. Thanks to Longevity, it is also possible to profit from genetic and bioinformatics studies from the laboratory to the field, that is, to use them in clinical applications. It is our main goal to keep healthy people healthy, instead of patients who apply for any disease and have a test. For this reason, we invite our guests to “wellness”.

Do you need to be tested while you're healthy?

Yes! Therefore, it is possible to prevent the disease by identifying the risk of tendency before it happens. Our main goal is to implement permanent multidisciplinary protocols with personalized tests in our clinic. For this reason, our medical, genetics, bioinformatics and psychology experts will also be waiting for our guests to demonstrate their skills to reach the highest level of wellness.

Our main field is preventive personalized medicine. But we aim do this with an understanding that will include Western medicine as well as Eastern medicine, that is, not only with the materialist understanding, but also with the combination of body-mind-soul spirit, thus with the harmony needed for healthy style living. In addition, our activities will be supported by the latest technology.

The ultimate field in medicine and biology: The world of genetics

The cornerstones of our preventative, personalized holistic medicine understanding is formed by genetics, epigenetics, nutrigenetics, microbiology, bioinformatics. Here, we find out the entire genetic map of our guests with full genome sequencing, determine the risks of diseases that may be caught in the future, gene sequences that reflect the legacy of diseases from the past and create an appropriate risk map for it. In addition to full genome sequencing, we also use bioinformatics along with microbiome analysis and we can create both personalized and 100 percent scientific-based nutrition programs.

Since the bacteria in our intestines actually controls a large part of our health, our nutrition and dietetics specialist in “Well Team” composes a nutrition program according to the bacteria in the intestinal flora, not according to the calorie deficit of the person. By analyzing millions of bacteria in the intestinal flora and by creating a nutrition program according to the person’s own bacterial flora ensures one to reach to goal. This procedure is applied not only for a person to lose weight, but also for a person to improve his life quality with a healthy diet and a healthy life.

Along with the improvement in nutrition habits, immunity becomes stronger, stress management becomes easier, sleep quality increases, the level of consciousness and awareness improve. For example, the person’s nervousness and anxiety may increase depending on the bacterial load in the person’s intestines. When we balance this, we take stronger steps towards a healthy living. More than 70 percent of the happiness hormone, serotonin is released from the intestines. When the intestinal flora is renewed, more serotonin is released and in and the need for antidepressants decreases.

A holistic approach from lab to the clinic with Well Team

The goal in Longevity Clinic is to determine factors, not symptoms, using testing and diagnostic methods at the endpoint where science comes and to reach a solution with a multidisciplinary approach. Our geneticist conducts the test, our bioinformatics specialist analyzes the data and our internal medicine doctor, dietician and psychologist draw a personalized solution map under the guidance of these data. Nutritional supplements determined according to the individual, completion of mineral vitamin deficits, nutrient recommendations appropriate to the intestinal flora according to microbiome analysis, stress management depending on the source. As a continuation to this study, several therapy methods related are offered to our guests to improve their sleep quality. In addition, with methylation tests, we get the chance to intervene in disorders or imbalances in epigenetic mechanisms with methylation tests. We can also evaluate the pros, cons and benefits of the programs we implement for our guests with methylation tests.


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