Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is a subspecialty of odontology that is performed for providing harmony and beauty to the smile. When we smile, teeth become the main point of attention as a part of our face. Therefore, dental aesthetics plays an important role for dental care, especially to enhance self-confidence. While teeth complement an aesthetic smile providing more confidence, respect admiration, it also demonstrates good dental health.

Your oral and dental health along with your aesthetic appearance affected adversely by the teeth made previously in different shades, spaces between teeth, teeth stained due to smoking, acidic foods and beverages, existing crowding in the alignment of teeth, previously applied and discolored dental crowns, darkened fillings and gum problems. Dental aesthetics also known as smile aesthetics help to correct these problems.

Porcelain Laminates (Leaf Porcelain), full ceramic coatings and porcelain fillings are the leading procedures mainly applied in the concept of dental aesthetics. These dental treatments can usually be performed with 3D technology in one session. First of all, the new smile design of the person is determined by the dentist with 3D technology and new teeth are prepared. The teeth made are completely unique to the person, according to the characteristics of the face. After being glued with special adhesives, it can be used as if they were natural teeth for many years.


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