Breast Lift

What Is Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery is a procedure performed to tighten and lift breasts and to restore a fuller and youthful appearance. Breast tissue can vary in women depending on various reasons. Fat is the most important component of breast tissue. As a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, excessive weight gains and loss, sagging breasts or deterioration in the form of an upright breast may occur. Breast lifting surgery is best suited for women who have gone through pregnancy and breast feeding.

There is no aesthetic problem if the nipples stay above the line where the breast folds. However, breast lift surgery is recommended, especially if the breast goes down below this line and the nipples are facing directly downwards.

How Is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

First of all, the sagging rate and the size of the breasts are evaluated with the examination. The criteria determining which surgical method to use are decided during this examination.

The operation takes about 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Every patient over the age of 18, physically healthy and experiencing sagging problems is suitable for this operation. If breast augmentation or reduction operations have not been performed in addition to breast lift surgery, there are not many changes in breast size. If a difference in breast size is also desired, these operations may also be required in addition to lifting.

Surgery is performed in a similar way to breast reduction surgery. After the incision is made properly, the breast tissue under the skin is lifted and reshaped to the required position. If the dark spots of the nipples are too wide, they are tightened.  Excess skin tissue is removed. If necessary, breast tissue can also be removed and reduced. In addition, the “inner bra structure” created from subcutaneous tissues during surgery allows the breasts to remain upright for a long time.

Considerations Before and After Surgery

Medications and herbal supplements such as blood thinners that pose a risk of bleeding should be left under the control of a doctor, at least 2 to 3 weeks before surgery. Smoking should also be quitted before surgery as it delays wound healing. If the patient has an intention to lose weight, it should be done before surgery. Because even weight loss of up to 10 percent of body weight after surgery can cause serious breast deformation.

Following the surgery, breast tissue needs to be protected from trauma such as impact for an average of 2 months.  By the end of the 4th week following breast lift, you can go back to your normal routine. Results of breast lift are long lasting and will the final results will be noticed after 6 months. While there are no serious risks that affect future pregnancies and breast feeding, pregnancy is likely to stretch breasts again and offset the results of breast lift surgery. Most women are able to breastfeed their children after undergoing breast lift surgery.


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