Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)

What is Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)?

A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer procedure that augments the size and shape of the buttocks without implants. More rounded and lifted buttock lines are an image that every woman dreams. Buttock lift operations create satisfaction in eliminating the dissatisfaction with the appearance of the butt seen in women for different reasons. Buttock Lift, which can be applied to those who cannot achieve this appearance with sports, is one of the aesthetic procedures that enable the person to achieve the desired result quickly.

For the ideal butt shape, the structure of the pelvis is important as well as muscle and skin tissue. The great bone structure can make the butt appear larger and the legs appear shorter than they are. The person who decides to have butt shaping should decide with the doctor the best procedure to be done by looking at the shape of the butt in the mirror from the side and back, trying to determine whether they are dissatisfied with the straight appearance of the butt or the position of the butt curved line.

Fat injection to the butt (hip augmentation, buttock augmentation) can be done with prosthesis or various fillers according to the wishes and needs of the person. Fat injection can also be used to get rid of excess and to have a more lifted butt.

What Are Buttock Lifting Applications?

The most effective and safe method of buttock lift in most patients is fat injection. Especially, if the patient needs liposuction, this method is the most risk-free. Fillers and implants may not fit every patient. The patient should make a decision after consulting his doctor.

Fillers or implants may be preferred in patients who do not need liposuction. Operations performed with fillers or implants also yield successful results. With implants and fillers that can adapt to the human body, a more fit and round line can be provided to the hip. Since the chances of success in these operations are very high, patients feel good about getting the look they want.

Butt shaping operations can be carried by different methods such as lipo filling, Brazilian lift, butt stretching operations and butt implant. While the butt is plumped with fat injection, liposuction is also applied to areas containing excess fat such as waist and hips, which make the butt look flatter than it is. In this way, the waist curve is revealed and the butt looks more pleasant in a body with leg normalcy. In moderately sagging hips, filling the upright line that divides the butt in half with an injection of fat into the lower curve area makes the butt look more upright.

Implant surgery is performed in patients whose buttocks are completely flat due to muscle and skin tissue and with very little fullness. After the incision is made on the hidden area, the implants are placed between the muscle tissues. Butt implant also consists of silicone gel filled prosthesis. After butt implant surgery, the patient can sit without any problem. After a while, they won’t even feel its presence. It definitely does not cause muscle weakness.

The operation takes about 3 to 5 hours and performed under general anesthesia. The average length of stay in hospital is 1 to 2 days and the patient can back to her normal routine 3 – 4 weeks following the operation.


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