ACell + PRP

What is Acell + Prp Hair Treatment?

Acell+PRP, popularly known as the “Hair regeneration vaccine”, is one of the most preferred hair treatment options. ACell + PRP works at the cellular level to repair and remodel damaged tissues, including miniaturized hair follicles. ACell+PRP is a special formula that provides intercellular communication and is created to be used in hair treatment. It contains extracellular matrix, vitamins, medicine and PRP. An extracellular matrix is a product that gathers cells together and triggers tissue production.

With ACell treatment you can get effective results in a single session.  For this reason, this treatment is an ideal solution for people who do not have time to perform self-care due to the busy work and therefore for people who cannot spare time for session procedures.

How to apply Acell +PRP?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which is produced from the person’s own blood during ACell + PRP hair treatment; is combined with A-Cell powder i.e.”Magic Powder” that contains vitamins, minerals and medications needed by the hair. Thus, “customized hair regeneration vaccine” is designed. This is a one-session treatment, taking about one hour and performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, the customized serum is injected into the scalp with a device called “Microneedle”. The process, which is applied by targeting the channels and hair follicles with minimum movement, activates inactive stem cells and growth factors.

Following ACell + PRP hair treatment, satisfactory results are obtained such as strengthened hair follicles, increased quality in the existing hair, slowed or stopped hair loss and fuller hair appearance. This application, with the nourishing and revitalizing effect of both ACell and PRP, is applied to obtain maximum benefit after hair transplantation procedures and as well as hair treatment.

Results with Acell + PRP hair treatment

A noticeable increase in hair quality and change is observed after the 4th month following Acell+PRP hair treatment. It is possible to reach the target result at the end of a year.


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