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Message From Medical Director

Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic

Everyone is born in a hospital. I, on the other hand was born in a hospital and grew up in hospitals as my father Dr.Mustafa TUNCER was a founder and manager in the health sector. When I was a child, my best friends were doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals. Since those days, my dream has been to become a very good doctor.

To be honest, my biggest chance in life is that I was educated by very precious, proficient professors and grew up with them. I would like to express my gratitude to my dear professors and colleagues.

The health of the future is to maintain a healthy state. It is to detect the disease when the disease is still at the atomic level and to eliminate the factors that cause the disease or to strengthen the body against these factors without losing health, without alarming of the body.
We now know that regular health controls and scheduling the next months according to these results are indispensable for modern health understanding.
Combining psychological and mental detox with this understanding, which we can call a health detox, maximizes it.

In order for the effects of this physical and mental detox to be permanent, it must be SUSTAINABLE.

WELL WORLD AESTHETIC & LONGEVITY CLINIC, based on years of experience and modern approaches of the future, aims to reach advanced innovative medical results, i.e. “Healthy Long Life”, which we call Longevity.

Our aim is to draw you a sustainable health pathway that is both preventive and guiding, with the consultancy of health authorities.

As time progresses, we reaffirm that health cannot be complete without the three important elements of humans coming together.

These are Body, Mind, and Soul. Here at the Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic, we have brought together the health facilities of the future that address these three components equally.

At the Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic, located on a large area of 2000 m2 in Ataşehir Metropol Istanbul, all processes start with the doctor’s consultation with the healthy living protocols created with the ‘HEALTH APPROACH OF THE FUTURE’; atomic level scans and the art of digestion continue completely, and personal treatment and therapy protocols are created according to the results.
With the Longevity Program for you created by our Well Team, which consists of our expert doctors, it is aimed to reach a sustainable healthy life.

At the Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic, we are always with you with our Well Team consisting of Genetics, Epigenetics, Bioinformatics, Anti-Aging, Functional Medicine Specialists, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Dietitians, Dentists, and Psychologists. We aim to be a family with you and we welcome you to our family.

Dr. Burak TUNCER

Medical Director