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About Us

Nature is healing; it is life...

The most magnificent and long-lasting tree of nature is the plane tree. As is, it connects the past to the future and teaches people to live patiently. While its leaves signify love and compassion, the plane tree evokes power, longevity and resilience.

25 years ago, we set off to be a plane tree in the health sector in Turkey. Now, along with our health & aesthetics experience over the years, we have added the concept of Longevity, in other words, healthy and long-living, that consists of innovative programs and worldwide counseling of health authorities. So we designed Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic for you…

We grew with our representatives in many countries of the world. With our enterprises in the field of aesthetics, we lit the way for many countries from Europe to America, Asia to the Balkans. By rooting with our experiences, we have grown with our experienced and innovative team. By believing in healing, providing more benefits, and making more people happy.

Today, while our branches are blooming with our branch offices in Asian and European sides of our Istanbul, the apple of the world’s eye, we are in service with  Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic in Ataşehir Metropol Istanbul, the new favorite place of the Asian side of Istanbul.

Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic

Under the leadership of specialist doctors, with our Well Team that consists of genetic, bioinformatic, functional medical specialists, plastic surgeons, dietitians, dental surgeons, and psychologists, we will create life protocols formed with the health understanding of the future in the Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic. Thus, we aim to identify and regulate the diseases in individuals before they reach the tissue and organs.

Although there are medical centers around the world conducting Longevity works, the Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic was constituted by identifying the deficiencies of these medical centers on sustainability and multidisciplinary parts.

Always keeping science, innovation, up-to-date health technologies, and R&D in our goal, we take the best as examples to ourselves.

Under the dome-like shadow of the plane tree, the roots and leaves of which are known to be a salve to many known diseases, we will continue being happy to host our guests who seek healing, who want to be happy with their aesthetic looks, and who already seek cures against possible diseases before getting sick.


It is to provide a quality and integrated service that can integrate cutting-edge technology with the expert staff and reach the large masses, and to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level.


It is to provide a service approach within the integrative understanding of quality that respects the values of society without boundaries and to prioritize health, one of the most important values of the human.

Best regards,

Well World Aesthetic & Longevity Clinic Board of Management