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Frequently Asked Questions

Many aesthetic surgeries are not painful because they only concern the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Even if there is mild pain, it goes away in 1-2 days and can be easily controlled with pain medication during this period. In surgeries including muscles, for example, breast prosthesis surgeries, the feeling of pain and tension may take a little longer.

Aesthetic surgery is a shape alteration surgery. In other words, it is the transmutation of the form of tissues and organs with defect form and/or measures in accordance with the ideal anatomical measures and the patient’s preference. Example: Augmentation of small breasts with silicone prosthesis. Instead, reconstructive surgery is surgical repair. It is the reconstruction of organs with congenital lack or flaw or that are destroyed or deformed due to accident, burn, or tumor surgery. Example: The reconstruction of breasts removed due to cancer.

There is a common opinion that aesthetic surgery is an operation leaving no surgical scar. Appropriate surgical and special suture materials are used for aesthetic surgery; there always remains a scar, even if it is a small one. But these scars are concealed somewhere in aesthetic surgeries. For example, they are concealed in rhinoplasty surgeries into the nostrils, blepharoplasty into the eyelids, otoplasty behind the ears, etc. An abdominoplasty scar is a little longer than a cesarean scar, and it remains concealed in the bikini line. The liposuction process leaves no scar. It is impossible to conceal the scar completely in some surgeries as in breast reduction surgeries.

It is possible to get pregnant and give birth on the condition of waiting for at least one year.

They can be performed on anyone with sound mental and bodily health. However, some surgeries have age limits, or there is an ideal age to operate. For example, cleft lip surgeries must be performed when the baby is two months old, bat ear surgery around 5-6 years old, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty above 17 years old, and facelifting above 40.